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            CONACT US
            Address: Quanzhou City...
            Mobile phone: 18606083338
            Tel: 0595-22518883
            Fax: 0595-22158883
            Email: qz@cntrjx.com
                Quanzhou Terui milling machinery is a professional engaged in rubber shoe edge milling, high-tech private enterprises of plastic film bag making machine equipment R & D, manufacturing, sales and service.
                The company is located in the famous city of Chinese shoes — — Fujian Quanzhou City, coastal and large dock near Shen sea highway and railway station, near Xiamen, Quanzhoujinjiang Airport, the geographical position is superior, the traffic is very convenient.
                The company is to improve the competitiveness of products, relying on scientific and technological strength, always adhering to “ innovation and change, world without end ” business philosophy, with many years of production experience, the use of science and technology principle, the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the use of high-quality raw materials, advanced equipment, exquisite technology and a set of strict production and sales service system, developed and produced a series of new energy saving and environmental protection equipment recycling mill. The main products are: all kinds of EVA, MD, PE, SBR, sheet, sole, sponge rubberfoam material edge milling machine, water-cooled rubber milling machine, plastic crusher, drencher spray units, and rubber shoes, thin plastic bag making machine and related equipment.
                The company has always been to customer demand, the introduction of talents, advanced technology and scientific management, constantly optimize the design, the company products sold throughout the country and Southeast Asia, South America, Africa, the Middle East and other countries and regions, by the majority of customers trust and selection.

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